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Ragged Tooth Shark Dives

View these sharks in their natural habitat without bait or cages!

The Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark is also known as the Grey Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger Shark and commonly referred to by the locals as…“Raggie’s”. They are often found swimming through the network of gully formations at various dive sites inside Algoa Bay.

Our best location is merely a 5-minute boat ride from Hobie Beach at a maximum depth of 18m making this an ideal dive for beginner divers.

Although these sharks have needle-like teeth that protrude from their jaws giving them a fearsome appearance, they are in fact a docile slow-moving shark. Their teeth are for gripping and holding their food before swallowing it whole and the mere size of a diver would not appear as a “tasty” morsel.

However, as with any animal – if provoked or harassed, they would be capable of causing harm.

“Raggie” Dive Facts:

  • Depth – 6 to 18 m
  • Boat Dive
  • Minimum Qualification – Open Water
  • Best time:  November – April

Get to know the Ragged Tooth Shark:

  • Raggie’s can reach up to 3m and 300 kg in size.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see a Raggie come to the surface and take a gulp of air …they are unlike other sharks and have a swim bladder to stay buoyant in the water.
  • Their diet includes bony fish, other sharks, rays, crustaceans and squid.
  • They migrate to the warmer waters of Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks during the winter months to mate.
  • The embryos consumes unfertilized eggs and other embryos until only 2 live juveniles emerge, after 9 months.
  • The live young are then left to fend for themselves.

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