Haerlem Wreck

Haerlem Wreck Port Elizabeth

Depth: 18-21m

Qualification: Advanced

The Haerlem is a navy frigate, scuttled in 1987 to form an artificial reef for diving and lies in-between the Bell Buoy and Cape Recife. A fascinating wreck, allowing the diver to explore various holes, nooks & crannies which have become inhabited by shy sharks, nudibranchs, soft corals and a variety of fish.

History: The Haerlem was built in 1958 and disarmed in 1963. After many years of hard work, first as an anti-submarine ship in the River Thames and later as an SA Navy survey ship in all of South Africa’s waters, the ship was finally scuttled in Algoa Bay on Nov 30, 1987. Twelve Holes were blasted in both sides to ensure she filled with water equally and settled evenly. She settled 21m below the surface facing north-south with her bow to the south.

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