Pricelist Port Elizabeth

Dive Charters


Shore Entry R295
Shallow Boat Dive R445
Deep Boat Dive R675

Dive Packages

NB. Dive Packages valid for one year. Not refundable


5 Dive Package Inside the Bay (10% discount) R2 000.00
10 Dive Package Inside the Bay (20% discount) R3 560
Upgrade to Outside the Bay R200

Equipment Rental

Per Day


Full Gear R595
Scuba Gear

  • Buoyancy Compensator R120
  • Regulator – including depth gauge & SPG R120
  • Cylinder:
    10.4L Aluminium R120
  • Surface Marker Buoy and Finger Reel (no charge)
Soft Gear

  • Wetsuit – various sizes available R150
  • Fins R65
  • Mask and Snorkel R65
  • Weight belt R65
Computer (a must have for all deep dives!) R120
Airfills – All Cylinders – 200 Bar R150

Cylinder Servicing


Visual and Airfill R200 – Annually
Hydro, Visual & Airfill R450 – Hydro every 4 Years
Edi Test R180 – Aluminium tanks manufactured before 1995
Chemical Clean R200
Respray (grit blast, galvanizing and protective paint) R680
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