PADI Seal Team (Ages 8+)

Padi Seal Team
When you get right down to it – the seal team is just plain cool!

PADI Seal Team

This exciting program is built around various AquaMissions… a series of underwater adventures in a safe swimming pool environment, where beyond learning the basic scuba skills, you will be introduced to specialty AquaMissions such as wreck diving, taking underwater photographs, floating effortlessly like an astronaut & much more…

Quick Seal Team Facts:

Duration of Program:

Part 1: Basic Scuba Skills (5 AquaMissions): 1- 2 Hours per AquaMission

Part 2: Specialties (10 AquaMissions): 1-2 Hours per AquaMission

Enquire about our full-time programmes that run during the school holidays or complete one Aqua Mission at a time when it is convenient for you.

What is a Seal Team Member:  A diver that has complete all 5 AquaMissions in Part 1.

What is a Master Seal Team Member: An elite group of young divers that have completed  Part 1 & Part 2 (All 15 Aqua Missions).

What is Included: Full Kiddies Scuba Equipment & PADI Seal Team Crewpack (Video, Activity Book with Puzzles, Logbook pages, Certificate & Stickers.

What to Bring: Swimming Costume & Towel.

Supervision: Highly Qualified PADI Instructors

Photographer: We offer the service of taking underwater photographs to capture this exciting introduction to the underwater world.  Enquire at our scuba store for details.

Are you hooked?  What is the next step?  

Enrol in the Junior Open Water Diving Course & become a Scuba Diver.

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