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Divemaster internship

“The true benefit of the internship program is that we package together all the necessary courses you need to become a Divemaster and include lots of exciting diving.  This way you get hands-on experience and get to assist in training & diving activities .”


  • 10 – 12 Weeks


No problem!
The course is modular so it is possible to join this programme at any level.


  • 18 years of Age
  • Medically Fit for Scuba Diving


  • PADI Open Water Course
  • PADI Advanced Course
  • PADI Efr & Rescue Course
  • PADI Divemaster Course
  • Digital Touch Manuals (OW, Advanced, EFR & Rescue)
  • PADI Registration Fees (OW, Advanced, EFR & Rescue)
  • Divemaster Crewpack
  • Tuition
  • 40 –  60 Dives
  • Airfills
  • Hire of Tanks

equipment requirements:

  • Wetsuit, Fins, Mask, Snorkel & Weight belt
  • BC & Regulator including Alternate Air Source
  • Dive Computer
  • Dive Knife
  • Compass
  • 2 Signalling Devices (whistle, SMB)
  • Tank

*  Rental Options Available
*  Student Specials on Gear Purchases

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divemaster deluxe package:

  • Add on 3 Specialty Courses to the Internship :
    We recommend the following:
  • PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course
  • PADI Nitrox (Enriched Air ) Specialty
  • PADI Search & Recovery
  • All Training Materials
  • All Training Dives
  • PADI Registration Fees
  • Hire of Equipment

OW – Divemaster         R44 950

Diving Groups


Whether you are learning to dive or are already a qualified diver we are able to adapt this programme to accommodate your level of training and experience.


ProDive is one of the busiest diver training centres in South Africa which will provide you with great opportunity to get hands on experience alongside PADI professionals.   As a training PADI Divemaster you will assist on experience programs, dive training and lead qualified divers gaining self confidence and valuable leadership skills.


Situated at the coast, we have one of the best training locations in the country due to our diverse diving conditions.  You will gain experience in both shore & boat dives in varying diving conditions.  These dives and experience will prepare you fo the next step as a PADI Professional and success on the PADI Instructor Program.

The Lifestyle:

During your internship program you will have lots of opportunities to experience local diving, attend fun social evenings & meet other divers while working as a team.

leadership SKILLS:

You will obtain essential leadership skills and learn to be part of a team.


To increase your diving experience and training  you will have the option to join local trips away to explore the unique diving that the Garden Route has to offer.


To increase your diving experience and training you why not sign up for the Deluxe Internship package which includes 3 PADI specialty courses.  The three courses we recommended are the Deep Diver, Nitrox & Search & Recovery specialties as these go hand in hand with the Divemaster training.  If these do not interest you or you have already completed some of these we have numerous other specialty courses to choose from i.e. Night Diver, Shark Distinctive Specialty, Underwater Naturalist,  Underwater Photography & more…

What you will learn

ProDive is a busy 5 Star Career Development Centre and offers boat and shore dives in variable diving conditions.  Our instructors run all the courses from PADI Open Water to Divemaster including numerous PADI Specialty Courses which will ensure that you will get exposed to a wide variety of training, experience programmes and diving conditions. This experience will set you apart from the rest and you will become sought after both locally and overseas.


1. Assisting in PADI Training

  • Understanding your Role as a Divemaster
  • Implementation of PADI Standards
  • Equipment Considerations for Students
  • Supervising Students in Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Assisting with Dive Centre Duties
  • Gear Control

2. Leading Qualified Divers

  • Time Keeping
  • Dive Set Up and Management
  • Supervising dives for certified divers & conducting dive briefings
  • Diver safety and risk management
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Skills and Environment
  • Public Speaking and Social Skills


  • Conduct Divemaster Programmes
    (skin diver, scuba review)
  • Admin Tasks relating to these programmes
  • Safety Considerations
  • Role of the Divemaster – Non-Training Activities
  • Assisting with Discover Scuba Diving and leading Discover Local Diving programs